Steel Fiber Castable

Steel fiber refractory castable as a kind of hot sales refractory castable for furnace application in Rongsheng factory manufacturing with widely used in cement rotary kiln kiln mouth, cooling machine, coal injection pipe, decomposition furnace, preheater and other parts. Castable refractory steel fiber have good properties of high strength and good toughness and thermal shock stability is good ,which have good resistance to flaking & good wear resistance. There are high quality Steel fiber castable refractory for sale cheap in RongSheng refractory castable company can provide refractory castable specification and category as well as competitive price & high grade quality castable refractory, other specification according to customer requirements, welcome to contact us or email us for free quote or price list.

Steel Fiber Castable Definition

Steel fiber castables are made of special grade bauxite clinker as aggregate, high quality bauxite clinker and corundum fine powder as matrix, various composite materials such as ultrafine powder as binder and additive, plus stainless steel heat-resistant fiber to make castable refractory steel fiber.

Steel Fiber Castable Features

1.Castable refractory steel fiber have good wear resistance
2.Castable refractory steel fiber have good resistance to flaking
3.Castable refractory steel fiber have thermal shock stability is good
4.Castable refractory steel fiber have high strength and good toughness

Steel Fiber Castable Specification

Item Ordinary High Strength
Al2o3 % 70 83 70 80
Modules of rupture(Mpa) 110℃ 9.0 9.0 10.0 12.0
1100℃ 5.5 6.5 10.0 12.0
Cold Crushing Strength(Mpa) 110℃ 70 70 70 80
1100℃ 40 50 70 80
1100 ℃ ~ room temperature water quenching rapid heat cycle.

After 5 times, the flexural strength

Mpa 4.5 5.5 5.0 5.0
Line change rate after 1100 ℃ burning % +-0.4 0.5 0.4 0.5

Steel Fiber Castable Application

Refractory steel fiber castable mainly used for pouring industrial furnace linings in contact with high temperature gas and solid materials, such as electric furnace top, ladle cover, heating furnace top, soaking furnace cover and furnace wall, heat treatment furnace lining, cement rotary kiln cooling cylinder Lining, as well as vertical baking furnace lining.
Refractory steel fiber castable can also be used for containers, launders and components that are not in continuous contact with high-temperature melt, such as electric furnace tapping tank, hot metal desulfurization stirrer.
Refractory steel fiber castable can also be used as industrial boilers. In the middle, the furnace mouth, side wall, top, returning device.
Refractory steel fiber castable can also be used as repairs for industrial furnaces.

Steel Fiber Castable Manufacturing Process

1.Firstly, according to the steel fiber castable to be produced, select the appropriate refractory raw materials and strictly control the quality of the castable raw materials.
2.According to the formula ratio, the aggregate, powder, additives, binder and steel fiber are prepared to control the particle size and gradation of the aggregate and powder, the amount of steel fiber added.
3.The aggregate and the powder are stirred separately, then kneaded, after mixing, a steel fiber having a length of about 20-35 mm is added for stirring and kneading for about 10 minutes.
4.The stirred dry material is packed with adhesive and additive sealing package for storage. When storing, steel fiber castable refractory should be waterproof and moisture proof to avoid agglomeration.

Steel Fiber Castables Use Precautions

Steel fiber castable refractory need pay attention to the mixing time when mixing. Generally, dry mixing is controlled for about 5 minutes. Adding water requires stirring for about 10 minutes.
Steel fiber castable refractory need control the amount of water added when adding water, and mix well.
After the prepared steel fiber castable mud is poured into the mold, it is recommended to use the attached vibrating rod to make the steel fiber evenly distributed and increase its use effect.
Steel fiber castable refractory need pay attention to the baking time and temperature during baking. Do not bake too fast. For details, please consult the technical staff.

Steel Fiber Castable Instructions

The using method of refractory castable should be completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions. Rongsheng refractory castable manufacturer provides detailed instructions for use. Castable refractory steel fiber is preferred to select the good formula and raw materials after mixing and processing. After vibrating and vibrating with a vibrating rod, castable refractory steel fiber can be cured and heat treated. The speciality of the part to be casted, so the construction quality of the castable needs to be guaranteed according to the site conditions.

Steel Fiber Castable Supplier in RS Refractory Castable Factory

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2.RongSheng refractory castable have any certificate according to client requirement,such as ISO9001 certificate, CE.
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