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Sillimanite Bricks

Sillimanite bricks are sillimanite mineral based refractory bricks produced by high temperature sintering method or slurry casting method. Sillimanite bricks have very good high temperature performance. Sillimanite is natural high grade refractory mineral, it features in low thermal expansion rate, good molten slag corrosion resistance and glass liquid corrosion resistance, excellent high temperature abrasion resistance and so on. After high temperature calcining, sillimanite will transform into mullite and free SiO2. Sillimanite bricks and mullite bricks have higher refractoriness under load compared with fireclay bricks. Sillimanite bricks have dense structure, when applied in glass furnaces, glass liquid is not tend to form bubbles. So sillimanite bricks are definitely suitable for feeding canister, clay barrel, former block and feeder bowl.

Sillimanite Bricks Production Craft

Slurry casting method produced sillimanite bricks adopt natural sillimanite, synthesized mullite, high alumina clinker and so on as raw materials. Gypsum mould is made according to products shapes, and slurry used for casting is prepared based on technical parameters. After casting, green sillimanite bricks should be dried before high temperature sintering.

Sillimanite Bricks Physiochemical Indexes

Al2O3 % 56.4 59.3 64.5 65.5
Fe2O3 % 0.96 0.80 1.0 0.71
SiO2 % 39.5 38.1 33.4 31.9
CaO % 0.28 0.08 / /
K2O % 0.51 0.24 0.4 0.46
Bulk density g/cm3 2.36 2.34 2.58 2.32
Apparent porosity % / 20.8 16.2 21.8
Refractoriness s under load ℃ / 1620 1650 1570
Modulus of rupture Mpa / 60 70 /
Thermal expansion coefficient % / 5.5 6 6.6

Sillimanite Bricks Applications

Sillimanite bricks have better physiochemical properties than high alumina bricks, they are mainly used in glass tank furnace throat, blast furnace lining, furnace throat, ceramics industry kiln furniture and so on. As sillimanite bricks have good high temperature thermal stability, good resistance to glass liquid corrosion, low pollution to glass liquid, they are usually used at glass industry feeding canister, feeder, tube drawing machine and other equipment, production efficiency are significantly improved. Sillimanite bricks series products mainly include: feeder bricks, feeding canister, rotating tube, feeder nose, feeder bowl, former block, slag skimmer block, shutter block, front arch bricks, back arch bricks, feeder nose cover, burner nozzle bricks, cover plate and so on.



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