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Silicon Carbide Crucible

As a kind of advanced refractory product, silicon carbide sagger is the ideal refractory material in the powder metallurgy industry (large sponge iron tunnel kiln). The silicon carbide sagger produced by Rongsheng Group uses 98% high-grade silicon carbide raw materials, and a special process is added to the selection of raw materials to ensure the high purity of the raw materials.

Silicon carbide sagger produced by Rongsheng Group have the characteristics of good flexibility, not easy to crack, and long service life, and also the large capacity of the sagger increases the output, guarantees the quality, saves labor and lots of costs.
The company has successively supplied customers in more than 60 countries. Through our company’s continuous improvement of products and strict control of the production process, the stability of product quality has been improved, so that customers can get real benefits and have won unanimous praise from users.silicon carbide saggers 1 silicon carbide saggers 2 silicon carbide saggers 3

Technical Data:

No. Particulars Parameter
1 SiC(%) ≥85%
2 SiO₂(%) ≤10%
3 Fe₂O₃(%) <1%
4 Bulk Density in g/cm³ ≥2.60
5 Cold Crushing Strength(MPa) ≥100
6 Apparent Porosity(%) ≤18
7 Refractoriness,(°C) ≥1700

Silicon Carbide Pipe:

The product is made of silicon carbide as the main raw material, adding a variety of chemical wear-resistant raw materials and anti-oxidant, effectively improving the wear resistance of the product, using SiO2 micro powder as the high-temperature bonding phase, a high-performance silicon carbide products by high-temperature firing, with the following characteristics:
1.Dimensional stability at high temperatures, resistance to deformation and high strength at high temperatures
2. Resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and corrosion
3.Anti-oxidation and erosion resistance
It can be widely used in: electric power, steel plant slag flushing trench, coal chemical industry, mining, transportation pipeline.

Technical Data:

Technical Performance Bulk Density Abrasion Resistance Moh’s Hardness CCS
g/cm³ % MPa Mpa
Silicon Carbide Tubes 2.7 1.66 >9.0 21.2

Silicon Carbide Bricks/Silicon Carbide Plates/Silicon Carbide Pillars/Silicon Carbide Special-shaped Parts:

Silicon carbide bricks, sheds, brackets and silicon carbide special-shaped parts produced with silicon carbide as the main raw material not only have the inherent characteristics of silicon carbide such as high strength and high hardness, but also have high refractoriness under load, fast heat conduction, anti-oxidation, It is not easy to shrink and deform under high temperature, and has the characteristics of long service life.
No matter what kind of combustion energy (gas, coal, oil, electricity) is used, this product has excellent characteristics such as non-bending deformation, non-expansion and slag falling, and strong heat radiation at high temperatures, and is widely praised by our customers. We uses advanced hydraulic vibration molding equipment, which can be molded in one time, with unique formula and advanced technology, which is well received by users.


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