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Silicon Carbide Castable

Silicon carbide crucible as a kind of hot sales refractory ramming for furnace application in Rongsheng refractory ramming factory manufacturing with widely used in a steelmaking, ironmaking blast furnace, electric power furnaces and non-ferrous metal melting furnaces.

Silicon carbide refractoy ramming have good properties of good chemical stability & high temperature resistance & good wear resistance & anti-scouring, anti-erosion performance is good, and high thermal conductivity. There are for sale cheap ramming mass in RongSheng fire bricks company can provide Sic refractory ramming mass specification and category as well as competitive price & high grade quality SIC crubide refractory products, other specification according to customer requirements, welcome to contact us or email us for free quote or price list.

Silicon Carbide Crucible Definition

Silicon carbide ramming mass is an amorphous refractory material made of silicon carbide, graphite and anthracite as main raw materials, adding additives such as ultrafine powder, and fused cement or resin as a binder.

Silicon Carbide Crucible Characteristics

1.Silicon carbide crucible have high thermal conductivity.
2.Refractory silicon carbide ramming mass have good chemical stability.
3.Silicon carbide refractory crucible have high temperature resistance, good wear resistance.
4.Refractory silicon carbide crusible have anti-scouring, anti-erosion performance is good.

Silicon Carbide Crucible Specification

Item Condition Unit Index
Sic(%) % 85
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 110℃*24h g/cm3 2.60
Cold  Crushing Strength (Mpa) 110℃*24h Mpa 80
1400℃*3h Mpa 100
Flexural Strength(Mpa) 110℃*24h Mpa 10
1400℃*3h Mpa 14
Wear Resistance cc 6
Thermal Conductivity


350℃ W/m.k 10

Silicon Carbide Crucible Application

1.Silicon carbide refractoy ramming mass can be used to fill blast furnace shaft cooling equipment and masonry gap or masonry screed for use as filler or joint filler.
2.Silicon carbide refractoy crucible can also be used as a furnace for smelting steel, iron making, electric power.
3.SIC refractoy ramming mass mainly used in submerged arc furnaces, industrial kilns, cyclone cylinders and waste incinerators.
4.Refractory silicon carbide ramming mass mainly used in industrial furnaces such as the inner wall of the cyclone and waste incinerators.
5.Silicon carbide ramming mass is used to fill the cooling equipment between the furnace body and the masonry gap or the steel refractory brick of the throat and the filling material for the screed layer of the masonry

Silicon Carbide Crucible Advantage

1.Refractory silicon carbide ramming mass have high strength, good resistance to solid particles and liquid slag. Because of the high hardness and good corrosion resistance of the refractory ramming , refractory ramming mass can reduce the erosion of the alkali lining on the lining; The thin liquid slag can be hanged on the lining to form a slag film to protect the lining. The refractory ramming mass has small thermal expansion coefficient and good thermal shock resistance, silicon carbide crucible have high SiC content in the refractory material and good heat conduction.
2.Silicon carbide ramming mass refractory is also resistant to high temperature (melting point above 2200 °C), corrosion resistance, high strength and wear resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal shock resistance, high thermal conductivity, high melting point of carbon up to 3500 ° C, high thermal conductivity, resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heat, and The slag has a large saturation angle and is difficult to erode. Refractroy ramming mass has no eutectic relationship with AL2O3, SiO2, SiC. What’s more, refractory silicon carbide crubide has low expansion ratio.

Silicon Carbide Crucible Selection

1.The compressive strength of the silicon carbide crucible is less than that of the silicon carbide castable, but the porosity is larger than that of the silicon carbide castable.
2.Silicon carbide refractory ramming mass is generally used to repair the lining of the kiln, and some irregular kiln parts. Because the mold cannot be laid, the silicon carbide ramming mass is usually used for construction.
3.The lining with the high temp furnace is generally made of silicon carbide castable or silicon carbide refractory brick. In the process of use, sometimes the lining will be damaged during the blanking, which will cause the lining to peel off and damage. Generally, the silicon carbide ramming mass will be used to repair the lining.
4.Because the silicon carbide refractory crucible is beaten during construction, refactory mass will cause a large porosity. This will help the water vapor in the material to be discharged and avoid the phenomenon of explosion. At the same time, the silicon carbide refractory ramming mass is used to repair the lining.The customer can choose the normal temperature repair in case of shutdown, or they can use hot repair, that is, non-stop furnace maintenance.

Silicon Carbide Crucible Conservation

During the construction with the silicon carbide refractory crucible period, the vibration of the constructed body should be avoided as much as possible. After the treatment of the working surface of the lining is completed, the natural curing is carried out. The curing temperature is 15~35°C. In the dry environment (the relative humidity of the air is not more than 70%), the natural curing period is 5-7 days. The oven can then be dried in accordance with the oven profile.

Silicon Carbide Crucible Supplier in Rongsheng Refractoy Castable Factory

1.Rongsheng refractory castable factory have rich refractory raw materials and 20 years experienced in the refractory bricks manufacturing. Rongsheng refractory castable can provide specification and category as well as competitive price & high-grade quality refractory castable and refractory ramming mass products.
2.RongSheng refractory firebricks manufacturer have the professional sales team,if you have any smaller problem, Rongsheng refractory bricks factory can solve them at any time. We treat every client as a friend ,friend is precious.
3.Rongsheng Refractory is constantly committed to quality management, process management and cost management, strives for internal strength, adheres to the development of science and technology, wins by quality and reputation, provides technical guidance services to provide customers with quality products and services.


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