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Magnesia Aluminum Carbon Brick

Aluminum magnesia carbon brick refers to a refractory product made of super high alumina bauxite or corundum sand, magnesia sand, and flaky graphite. Aluminum magnesium carbon refractory brick is a lining fire product, refractory aluminum magnesia carbon brick is made of super high alumina bauxite or corundum sand, magnesia sand, and flaky graphite.

The aluminum-magnesium carbon fire brick has the advantages of anti-erosion, anti-flaking, balanced erosion, safe use, less slag dipped in steel, and easy unpacking. Alumina magnesia carbon fire brick is mainly used for the lining of Shengsteel used in harsh conditions. Refractory alumina magnesia carbon bricks used in the molten pool part and the bottom part of the continuous casting large tundish and the refining package outside the furnace.

Aluminum Magnesia Carbon Brick Advantages

1.Aluminum magnesium carbon brick has anti-erosion
2.Aluminum magnesium carbon brick has anti-flaking
3.Aluminum magnesium carbon brick has balanced erosion
4.Aluminum magnesium carbon brick has safe use
5.Aluminum magnesium carbon brick has less slag on steel
6.Aluminum magnesium carbon brick has easy to unpack

Aluminum Magnesia Carbon Brick Disadvantages

Aluminum magnesium carbon refractory brick has a large thermal conductivity coefficient, large heat dissipation, which is easy to occur in cold steel. Therefore, when using magnesium-aluminum carbon refractory brick as the lining of steel, heat insulation measures should be taken.

Aluminum Magnesia Carbon Brick Specification

Index   RS-65 RS-70
Mgo % ≥ 10 10
Al2O3 % ≥ 65 70
C % ≥ 7 7
Bulk Density g/cm3 ≥ 2.95 2.95
Apparent Porosity %≤ 8 8
Cold Crushing Strength Mpa≥ 40 40

Aluminum Magnesia Carbon Brick Application

1.Aluminum magnesium carbon brick is mainly used for ladle lining.
2.Aluminum magnesium carbon brick tapping trough, large converter, and ultra-high power electric furnace ladle lining and refining furnace lining.

Aluminum Magnesia Carbon Brick Properties

Aluminum magnesium carbon brick refractories are developed on the basis of high-performance magnesium carbon and aluminum carbon refractories. Aluminum magnesium carbon fire bricks are substitutes for high alumina bricks and dolomite brick linings, but in contrast, such alkalis aluminum-magnesium carbon brick composed of two refractory oxides of acidity and acidity has excellent chemical and thermodynamic stability, high-density aluminum magnesia bricks have excellent thermal and mechanical properties.

1.High Resistance to Molten Steel Penetration
Due to the expansion of the spinel-penetration reaction between alumina and magnesia during use, an integral refractory lining can be formed, which can effectively prevent the penetration of molten steel from the joint between the lining bricks into the interior of the brick.

2.Excellent Slag Resistance
In addition to the role of graphite, the spinel formed during use can absorb Feo in the slag to form a solid solution, while Al2o3 reacts with Cao in the slag to form a high-melting Cao-Al2o3 compound, refractory blocks the pores and increases melting. Body viscosity, can de to achieve the purpose of inhibiting slag penetration

3.High Mechanical Strength
Aluminum carbon magnesium refractories contain less graphite, generally, between 6% and 12%, so high alumina magnesia carbon refractory bricks have large bulk density, low porosity, and high strength.

Aluminum Magnesia Carbon Brick Improve the Slag Resistance Measures

Under certain conditions of ladle operation, the slag permeation rate depends on the porosity of the lining brick and the viscosity of the slag wet slag. Therefore, it is possible to ensure the low slag content of the brick by controlling the graphite content and dispersion in the brick. Wetting, thereby inhibiting the penetration of slag, and at the same time, by increasing the Al2o3 content in the brick, reacting with CaO in the slag to form a high melting point aluminum-calcium series compound, blocking the pores and increasing the melt viscosity, so as to inhibit the slag penetration and finally improve Performance of aluminum-magnesium carbon brick.

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