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High Alumina Ramming Mass

High alumina ramming mass is semi wet state refractory mixes, differing from high alumina plastic refractory, high alumina ramming mixes has low or even no plasticity, and should be worked by strong ramming method to get dense structure. During heating, roasting and sintering, high alumina ramming mass will gradually harden layer by layer and obtain certain structural strength. Except for semi dry high alumina ramming mass, dry ramming mass is also used for the construction of thermal equipment.

The raw materials of high alumina ramming mass are premium bauxite clinker aggregate and fines, white corundum(tabular corundum, brown corundum) aggregate and fines, calcium aluminate cement binder or phosphate binder, additives and so on. To improve high temperature performance of high alumina ramming mass, phosphate binder or silica micro powder can be used to replace calcium aluminate cement to produce low cement high alumina ramming mass or ultra low cement high alumina ramming mass. The granularity distribution of raw materials is: max. granularity is 10~15mm, the ratio of aggregates and fines is (60~65)/(35~40), the ratio of coarse aggregates and fine aggregates is(60~70)/(30~40).

High alumina ramming mass physiochemical indexes

Item High alumina ramming mass
Al2O3,≥ 75 80
  SiO2,≥ 20 15
Max. working temperature ℃ ≥ 1550 1650
Bulk density g/cm3 ≥ 2.6 2.65
Cold modulus of rupture Mpa 110℃*24h ≥8 ≥10
1100℃*3h ≥8 ≥10
Cold crushing strength Mpa 110℃*24h ≥80 ≥100
1100℃*3h ≥80 ≥100
Reheating linear change rate % 110℃*24h ±0.5 ±0.5

The application of high alumina ramming mass

High alumina ramming mass are widely used in monolithic working lining of steel ladle, induction furnace, electric furnace tapping spout, and the lining of high temperature vessels which contact with high temperature metal liquid or molten slag.
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