Graphite Brick

Graphite bricks belong to neutral refractory materials, which are resistant to erosion of the slag or solvent from acid and alkali materials, as well as other chemical substances. Graphite refractory is featured with erosion resistance, slag resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, good heat conductivity, and good thermal shock resistance.

Graphite Brick Properties:

1. The graphite brick has good chemical stability, anti-sourcing, wear resistance, low porosity, good decay resistance.
2. Its quality and volume are constant, heat conduction and high temperature resistance,it will not explode and damage due to sharp temperature change.
3. During construction, it does not pollute the medium, will not cover the impurity spots, and is easy to clean. The heat transfer effect will not be reduced for long time, and the curing process is excellent. It is especially suitable for equipment corrosion protection in strong corrosive medium.
4. The thermal expansion coefficient is small, the line change rate is low, it is used within the range of 180 degrees, and its performance is stable and the durability is strong.

Graphite Blocks Manufacturing Process:

Carbon graphite blocks are made of carbon graphite materials. They are manufactured in the process of graphitization in the electric furnace at high temperature about 2500-2800℃. The main raw material of the graphite blocks is calcined anthracite, and the binder is pitch. Such products are produced through forming, high temperature baking, and final precision machining.

Application of Graphite Brick:

Graphite block can be used in the lining of reactive tank, storage tank, and the autoclave used in the chemical industry. Besides, graphite brick can be used in the bottom of the blast furnace.


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