Fused Corundum Bricks

Fused corundum brick is made of industrial alumina and quartz powder, which is processed in the arc furnace by melting, and then through casting, annealing, and the final mechanical process, being produced into the required shape and size.

Fused Corundum Brick Classification

Fused Corundum Refractory Brick includes two types of Sintered Corundum Brick and Fused Cast Corundum Brick. Sintered Corundum Brick adopts sintered alumina as the raw material through the sintering process. Fused Cast AZS Brick can be made of fused alumina as the raw refractory material through the process method of sintering And also can use phosphoric acid or other adhesive to make Unburnt Corundum Fire Brick.

Corundum Brick Manufacturing Process

Refractory Fused Corundum Bricks include Fused Cast Corundum Brick, Fused Alumina Corundum Brick, and Sintered Corundum Brick. Fused Cast Corundum Brick is manufactured with commercial alumina and little sodium carbonate and quartz powder fusing in the quartz powder and through the process of casting and annealing, and then form the shape and size through machining. Fused Alumina Corundum Brick is made of fused alumina particle and fines adding little fire clay and binding agent through molding by fire brick machine after mulling. The density of fire brick is about 2.75~2.85g/cm3. After drying the refractory bricks are fired at a temperature of 1700~1800℃.

Fused Corundum Bricks Specifications

Item Fused Cast Alumina Fused Cast Alumina Fused Cast Alumina
a-b Alumina RS-M a-Alumina RS-A b-Alumina  RS-H
Chemical Composition Al2O3 94 98.5 93
SiO2 1 0.4
NaO2 4 0.9 6.5
Other oxides 1 0.2 0.5
Analysis %
a-Al2O3 44 90
Vitreous 55 4 99
Vitreous Phase 1 6 1

Application of Fused Corundum Brick

1.Blast Furnace
2.Hot Blast Stove
3.Refining Furnace
4.Glass Furnace
5.Petrochemical Industrial Furnaces
6.All kinds of high-temperature kiln lining in the metallurgical industry



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