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Four factors affecting CFB boiler life


Design & installation craft

In recent years, no matter in separation method or in anti-wearing technique, there is great progress in CFB boiler development. From the perspective of anti-wearing refractory materials, degrading the quality of refractory materials is not good for the normal operation of the CFB boiler. Even when the quality of anti-wearing refractory materials is very good, if installation craft can’t meet standards and lead to dimensional deviation, there will be severe abrasion, or if refractory material is not corrected constructed, it will also greatly affects the safe and economic operation of CFB boiler.

CFB boiler masonry craft

Construction quality is crucial to the service life of the CFB boiler. CFB boiler construction workers should not only be familiar with furnace construction standards and electric power specifications but should know refractory materials performance well. As to the aspect of CFB boiler design, construction workers should know the design draft well, for example, fastening device, sealing device, and expansion joints preservation should be thoroughly considered. When the irrational design is discovered, it should be pointed out and put forward reasonable measures to avoid operational problems.

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CFB boiler roasting craft

CFB boiler main body structure is complicated, working lining construction area is large, water content is high, so proper roasting craft should be carried out after the finish of construction. If roasting is not done according to the designed craft or roasting time is shortened, material interior vapor pressure will be overlarge, when it exceeds the tensile strength of refractory material, there will have a structural rupture. After the operation of the boiler, the refractory lining will have structural sapling or thermal stress damage in the refractory material interior, the operation safety and the service life of the CFB boiler will be greatly affected. So, furnace roasting is very important to link before the operation of the CFB boiler.

CFB boiler operation craft

The successful blow-in rate is 100%. Although the boilers are produced by the same factory, are applied in the same region, and adopt the same kind of coal, there also have different problems during the operation of CFB boilers. The reason is that operational craft control is different. If workers don’t operate the CFB boiler according to specifications, there will have cracks, spalling, or even collapse during the CFB boiler operation. That is to say, the normative operation is the last factor affecting the service life of the CFB boiler.