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Corundum Mullite Castable

Corundum mullite castable as a kind of hot sales refractory castable for furnace application in Rongsheng factory manufacturing with used in the lining of large power station boiler wear linings and other high temperature furnaces. Corundum mullite refractory castable have good properties of high temperature strength, good thermal shock resistance and structural peeling resistance, good thermal shock resistance, high softening temperature, low creep rate and good chemical corrosion resistance. There are high quality refractory castable mulite corundum for sale cheap in RongSheng refractory castable company can provide refractory castable specification and category as well as competitive price & high grade quality mullite corundum castable refractory, other specification according to customer requirements, welcome to contact us or email us for free quote or price list.

Corundum Mullite Castable Definition

The corundum mullite product is made of electrofusion, corundum mullite is made of corundum mullite castable. Corundum mullite is poured and formed. Castable corundum mullite has high refractoriness and mechanical strength at high temperature. The high load softening temperature can be widely used in various industrial furnaces.

Corundum Mullite Castable Features

1.Refractory corundum mullite castable have high temperature strength.
2.Refractory corundum mullite castable have low temperature creep rate.
3.Refractory corundum mullite castable have structural peeling resistance.
4.Refractory corundum mullite castable have good thermal shock resistance.
5.Refractory corundum mullite castable have good thermal shock resistance.
6.Refractory corundum mullite castable have high load softening temperature.
7.Refractory corundum mullite castable have good chemical corrosion resistance

Corundum Mullite Castable Specification

Item   RS-1 RS-2 RS-3
Al2o3 % 70 75 85
Sio2 % 25 17 13
Fe2o3 % 1 1 1
Bulk Density g/cm3 2.7 2.8 2.9
Cold Crushing Strength 110℃*24h Mpa 100 110 120
1100℃*3h Mpa 100 110 125
1400℃*3h mpa 115 120 15
Cold  modules of rupture 110℃*24h Mpa 15 15 18
1100℃*3h Mpa 16 17 19
1400℃*3h Mpa 17 18 5
Normal temperature wear Cm3 7 6 1500
0.2Mpa refractoriness under load 1450 1480 25
Max Service Temp 1550 25 1600
Heavy burn line rate(1300℃*3h,%) % -0.3 -0.2 -0.2

Corundum Mullite Castable Application

Corundum mullite refractory castable using in the lining of coal kiln before and after large cement kiln, coal injection pipe and other industrial kiln lining.
Corundum mullite refractory castables are widely used in large and medium sized cement kiln kiln mouth, coal injection pipe, kiln head cover, cooling machine low wall.
Corundum mullite refractory castable is widely used in circulating fluidized bed boilers, metallurgy, petrochemical, thermal power and other professional fields.
Corundum mullite refractory castable can be used for lining of large power station boiler wear linings and other high temperature furnaces

Corundum Mullite Castable Precautions

1. The surface temperature level of the sinter material is increased, the high temperature operation time is prolonged to obtain sufficient heat, castable corundum mullite is conducive to the consolidation of the surface powder and the strength and yield of the surface sinter. The current problems of the above methods are: the refractory material of the ignition and holding furnace is seriously washed by the airflow, the service life is short, the construction time of the removal and replacement is long, especially the oven is long.

2. In order to shorten the production stoppage time, researchers combined with the actual situation of production and construction, using a new material — sol combined with corundum mullite castables to replace the traditional mullite castables. The early strength is high, the curing time is short, and the production can be resumed simply by baking, castable corundum mullite greatly shortens the construction period and achieves good economic results.

3. Generally, the ignition holding furnace adopts a mullite castable and a heat insulating product to hang the refractory brick through the heat resistant anchor to form a composite composite refractory lining, castable corundum mullite has low price, high temperature performance, easy sintering, high strength, castable corundum mullite is not easy to crack and resist. Erosion, anti-wear. However, after stirring and shaking with water, castable corundum mullite takes 24 hours to remove the mold. After 48 hours of natural curing, the oven can be oven dried for at least 72 hours to ensure moisture discharge and no bursting.

4. Castable corundum mullite only takes 6 days from the mixing and pouring to the mold removal and then to the oven. Castable corundum mullite does not include the process of dismantling the original furnace body, setting up the scaffolding, laying the furnace wall and the top of the furnace, demolishing the mold. At least 15 days.

Why to Choose the RS Refractory Factory as Corundum Mullite Castable Supplier

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