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Ceramic Roller

We have the most advanced automated shuttle kiln in the world, select high quality raw materials at home and abroad, and specializes in the production of various rollers with diameters of 16-200mm and lengths of 1000-5500mm, with an annual production capacity of 500000 pieces.

In order lo achieve the ideal use effect and extend the service life of ceramic roller. Please refer to the following instructions:
(1) The new ceramic roller before use, should be placed dry kiln top (60-8o ℃) more than 24 hours.
(2) After coating, the roller should be placed on the top of the kin for more than 72hous to dry;
(3) When replacing the roller, the roller should be quickly, quickly and rotated
(4) The thermal zone of roller, to avoid the low resistance to cold, should be placed in a veneer cushion on the scaffold, and keep the rotating state below 600 ℃;
(5) The surface of the roller is coated with small glaze particles, which will affect the thermal shock performance of the roller. It should be cleaned regularly
(6) Unqualified raw materials and fuels will corrode roller rods and be used carefully.ceramic roller 1 ceramic roller 2 ceramic roller 3

Main Technical Specifications of Ceramic Roller

Item RS-N98 RS-G98 RS-S95 RS-H80
Bulk Density g/cm3 2.7-2.8 2.8-3.0 2.5-2.7 2.3-2.5
Bibulous Rate % 5-8 3-6 9-10 9-11
Modulus of Rupture Mpa 50-55 70-80 40-50 45-55
High Temperature Modulus of Rupture Mpa ≥50 ≥55 ≥45 ≥40
Maximum use temperature ℃ 1350 1400 1250 ≤1100
Thermal Shock Resistance Good Good Good Good
Raw Material Composition(Zr Al2O3) % 76-81 78-85 SIC 55% 75-80%
Specifications Diameter φ16-200mm Length 1000-5500mm
Straightness Length X≤0.07%

Main Technical Specifications of Ceramic Roller:

The physical and chemical data in the table are obtained from laboratory test samples for reference only when different specifications of products are actually used.

The maximum operating temperature of the ceramic rollers is determined by the size of the rollers,the distance between the supporting points,the distance between the center of the roller,the load and the load width in the kiln.

The highest temperature in the table is the recommended data under laboratory condition,actual temperature than the highest temperature for a long time to use low temperature 30 to 50 ℃。

Special shaped roller can be customized according to customer requirements.ceramic roller 4 ceramic roller 5 ceramic roller 6


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