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Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Board is manufactured and designed for the thermal applications requesting high demands on rigidity, the thermal insulation properties and abrasion resistance of ceramic fiber board have been further improved due to the higher density. Ceramic fiber board is a vacuum formed product that resists higher gas velocities than ceramic fiber blanket. It is ideal for furnace, boiler duct and stack lining thanks to its thermal conductivity and low heat storage, which makes the shorter cycle times and quicker access for maintenance in the industrial furnaces possible.

Ceramic Fiber Board Description

Items STD RFC Board HP RCF Board HZ RCF Board
Bulk Density(Kg/m3) 280/300/320 280/300/320 280/300/320
Classification Temperature (℃) 1260 1260 1430
Maximum Operating Temperature(℃) 1100 1200 1350
Water Content(%) ≤1 ≤1 ≤1
Linear Shrinkage After Heating(%) 1000℃*24h<2.5 1100℃*24h<2.5 1350℃*24h<2.5
Thermal Conductivity(W/mK)      
200℃ 0.074 0.055 0.078
400℃ 0.092 0.073 0.102
500℃ 0.103 0.086 0.116
600℃ 0.127 0.105 0.135
Cold Crushing Strength(Mpa) 0.2 0.12-0.2 0.12
Loss Of Lgnition(wt%) ≤7 ≤7 ≤7

Ceramic Fiber Board Application

Use in industrial heat process equipment
High temperature gasket & seals
Flue & chimney linings in furnace & kilns
Molten metal trough covers
Expansion joint Industrial heat shields & thermal barriers
Industrial combustion chamber construction
Infra red element supports
Board over blanket hot face lining
Full thickness refractory lining
High temperature boiler wall insulation
Pouring forms for castable
Lining material for glass annealing furnace
Various fire-resistant insulation materials
Insulation for semiconductor equipment

Ceramic Fiber Board Manufacturer

Ceramic fiber boards produced by RS refractory brick are adopting high quality raw material and produced through strict control. RS refractory manufacturer is specialized in producing various ceramic fibers, such as ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber boards, ceramic fiber papers, ceramic fiber wools, ceramic fiber ropes, ceramic fiber cloths. If you have any purchase plan for ceramic fiber refractory materials, please feel free to contact with us!


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