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Calcium Silicate Boards

The main raw materials of calcium silicate boards are silica material( mainly SiO2, such as quarts powder, coal ash, diatomite and so on), calcium material( main ingredient is CaO, such as lime, calcium carbide sludge, cement and so on), reinforced fiber material, additives, etc. The raw materials are mixed according to proper ratio, then by mold pressing, vapor pressing and other procedures, the final products are obtained. Calcium silicate boards are divided into heat preservation calcium silicate board and decoration calcium silicate board.

Heat Preservation Calcium Silicate Board

Heat preservation calcium silicate board is also called micro pore calcium silicate, it is white, hard, new type heat preservation material, with low volume weight, high strength, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, can be cut or sawed. The thickness is usually above 30mm, bulk density is between 200~1000kg/m3.

The Characteristics of Calcium Silicate Board

High strength, low volume density.
Has good processing property and fire resistance.
Low thermal conductivity, excellent heat insulating performance.
Good water proof property, won’t expand or deform at wet atmosphere.
Long service life, alkali and acid corrosion resistance.

Calcium Silicate Products Physical Index

Item Model I Model II
Density  kg/m3 240 240
Bending strength Kpa 310 310
Crushing strength (5% deformation) Kpa 414 414
24 hours heat-holding treatment temperature ℃ 649 871
Linear shrinkage rate % 2.0 2.5
Warping mm 6 6

Calcium silicate boards applications

Calcium silicate boards are used as heat preservation material for thermal tubes, industrial furnaces and kilns, the application industries cover power plant, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding industry and so on. Calcium silicate board is used as fire-proof and heat insulating material for buildings and apparatus. The insulating lining of high temperature drying kiln and tunnel kiln car working table is also made by calcium silicate boards. The two sides of calcium silicate board can be adhered with plastic decoration board, plywood, asbestos cement board and so on to form composite board, which has the function of decoration and fireproofing, as well as sound insulation.


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