AZS Bricks

AZS bricks are the abbreviation of zirconia corundum bricks, because the main mineral composition of AZS bricks are alumina, zirconia and silica. AZS bricks are classified into three grades according to ZrO2 content, i.e., AZS#33 bricks, which contain at least 32% of zirconia, AZS#36 bricks, which contain at least 35% of ZrO2 and AZS#41 bricks, which contain at least 40% of zirconia. Fused AZS bricks have good molten glass corrosion resistance, their corrosion resistance is improved with the increase of ZrO2 content. Because ZrO2 has high melting point, has good acid corrosion resistance, alkaline corrosion resistance and molten glass corrosion resistance.

Fused AZS bricks are widely used in float glass furnace melting part and cooling part, glass tank furnace melting part & upper structure, working tank & upper structure. Sintered AZS bricks are usually used at glass kiln regenerator checkerwork upper part and middle part, forehearth (such as upper space, charge channel, charge spout, charge bowl).

Glass kiln fused cast zirconia corundum bricks technical index

Item RS-AZS-33 RS-AZS-36 RS-AZS-41
ZrO2 % ≥ 32 35 40
SiO2 % ≤ 16.0 13.5 13.0
Fe2O3 +TiO2+CaO+MgO+K2O+Na2O+B2O3 ≤ 2.5 2.5 2.5
Glass phase permeation temperature ℃ 1400 1400 1400
Bulk density g/cm3  

Ordinary casting ≥

3.40 3.45 3.55
Dense casting ≥ 3.50 3.60 3.70
No shrinkage cavity casting ≥ 3.60 3.70 3.80

Fused zirconia corundum bricks are the most widely used fused refractory in glass industry. Fused AZS33 bricks, fused AZS36 bricks and fused AZS 41 bricks have different applications in glass furnaces.

Fused AZS 33 bricks

Fused AZS#33 bricks are used to line flame space breast wall, port fire nozzle, port jackarch, port stack, tongue arch and so on. Melting part breast wall suffers powder material corrosion, molten material washing and hot flame gas action, so AZS#33 brick are widely used here. Glass tank bottom surface bricks are also AZS33 bricks.
AZS33# bricks are usually used as surface bricks of port bottom where suffers powder corrosion and high temperature thermal change. Regenerator target wall’s working condition is the same as regenerator crown, so AZS33 bricks or high purity fused magnesia bricks are often used here.

Fused AZS 36 bricks

Tank sidewalls suffer molten glass washing and corrosion, powder material corrosion and flame corrosion, so tank sidewalls are totally built by AZS36 bricks. Filling pocket sidewall(thickness is 250mm) material is also AZS36 brick.

Fused AZS 41 bricks

Fused AZS 41 bricks are used at float glass melting part bath sidewalls and corners, throat, glass tank furnace melting tank charging spout, bubbling part and electrode part, melting part upper structure burning nozzle and other parts where glass liquid washout and corrosion are the severest.


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