Anchor Bricks

Summary: Anchor bricks have good high-temperature performance high mechanical strength & resistance to quenching & heat application in industrial furnace roof & furnace wall.


Have high-temperature firing
Have strong peeling resistance
Have high thermal shock resistance

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Anchor Brick Introduction

Anchor brick is a kind of hot sales refractory bricks for furnace application in Rongsheng factory manufacturing with the anchor brick is made of AI2O3 as the main raw material, and anchor fire brick is the top structure supported by the stress between the metal hanging piece and the refractory brick of the furnace top. Anchor bricks have good properties of high-temperature firing, high thermal shock resistance, strong peeling resistance. There are high-quality light anchor refractory bricks for sale cheap in RS Company can provide standard size refractory anchor brick specification and category as well as competitive price & high-grade quality fire anchor brick products, other specification, and size of fireproof anchor bricks according to customer requirements, welcome to contact us or email us for a free quote or price list.

Anchor Brick Features

Refractory anchor bricks have high strength
Refractory anchor bricks have strong peeling resistance
Refractory anchor bricks have good thermal shock resistance

Anchor Brick Specification

Item Index
LZ-55A LZ-55B LM-75A LM-75B
Al2o3 55.0 55.0 75.0 75.0
Cao 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0
Cold Crushing Strength 50 50 55 55
0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load 1450 1450 1550 1550
Apparently Porosity 22 24 21 23
Bulk Density 2.30 2.30 2.60 2.60

Anchor Brick Features Application

Anchor brick is a new type of roof structure for anchoring bricks for industrial furnaces. The top of the furnace is a roof structure supported by metal hanging fire bricks and refractory bricks. Therefore, leakage of reactive gas and hot gas in the furnace may damage the metal hanging parts, thereby causing a collapse of the top of the furnace. Industrial kiln and flue walls are composed of inner lining, heat insulation layer, and outer wall layer, the inner lining is refractory brick, the outer wall is made of ordinary sintered brick. Anchorage is required between these layers, the tensile strength of the anchor refractory brick is obviously improved, the stress generated at the groove is blocked at the rib and cannot be transmitted continuously. Therefore, the anchor brick of this structure is not easy to break.

Anchor Brick Precautions Masonry

1. Carefully apply mud from both refractory anchor bricks sides to prevent gas from leaking from the top of the furnace.

2. The hanging part of the anchor fire brick should not be damaged (fired anchor bricks should play the role of hanging metal parts).

3. Ensure the anchor refractory bricks size of the joints, carry out the top construction, and correctly determine the role of the hanging metal parts.
4. Expansion joints should be properly placed between the furnace body and the anchor bricks.

5. Refractory bricks generally use air-hardening mud.

Anchor Brick Production Precautions

One hand is the degree of refractory anchor bricks refractoriness, and the other hand is the tensile strength of anchor fire bricks. The most important thing is the cold tensile strength of the anchor brick because the entire top weight is hung in the upper part of the anchor brick, where the temperature is not high, so as long as the normal tensile strength of the brick is sufficient, anchor bricks will not happen here. If the tensile strength of the fire bricks at room temperature is insufficient, a so-called drop problem will occur. Anchor brick is necessary to pay attention to the cold tensile strength of the anchor bricks, so the production is made of fire bricks that are easy to sinter.

Anchored Refractory Bricks and Metal Anchors Difference

Metal Anchor

Metal anchor generally refers to a special metal structural member that plays a role in supporting and fixing the lining refractory brick in the refractory brick lining structure. metal mainly includes two types of lining anchors and refractory anchor bricks or hangers.

Anchor Refractory Bricks

In the industrial furnace design, when the thickness or load of the furnace structure is large, or the actual ambient temperature is high, the anchors in the lining body are mostly anchored refractory brick structures. Including walls and roofs in the high temp furnace.

Anchor Bricks Classification

Clay-based anchor brick
Three-grade high aluminum anchor brick
First-grade high aluminum anchor brick
Anchor Bricks Temperature Classification
Clay quality fire anchor brick is selected at a low temperature below 1100 ℃
High-grade aluminum anchor brick is selected at a high temperature above 1100 ℃
High-grade aluminum anchor brick is used at a high temperature above 1250℃

Anchor Bricks Select Precaution

Metal materials can be used in lower temperature environments (less than 1100 ° C), above which refractory bricks are usually used, the representative refractory anchor materials are anchor bricks. The selection of anchor bricks in the lining body, in addition to consideration of ambient temperature conditions, also considers the characteristics of the lining structure. There must be no cracks at the anchor neck because refractory brick is a load-bearing component. Belong to key materials, pay attention to sintering quality and appearance quality of the refractory anchor bricks.

Anchoring Brick Layout Principle

1.The arrangement of the anchor bricks shall be determined according to the range and frequency of temperature changes and the size of the straight wall area, and shall not be less than 6 pieces/m2. The anchoring bricks must be carefully inspected before the masonry. If the anchor bricks cannot be used at the anchoring holes if they have cracks affecting the overall strength of the anchor bricks, they should be resolutely discarded.

2.When laying the bricks close to the anchor bricks, the pre-laying bricks should be taken care of to determine the exact position of the anchor bricks. The welding parts of the metal shells are thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush, the welding rods are adapted to the welded parts, the anchor’s bricks are firmly welded. tube. After the anchor brick is completed, the anchor hook is inserted, the air-strike is filled with a refractory fiber mat and plugged to form certain protection for the anchor.

3.The thickness of the anchoring pipe has certain requirements. When the pipe wall is too thin, it will cause early damage due to unavoidable slow-burning. The heat-resistant steel material of the anchor hook should be determined according to the temperature of the fire anchor bricks at the location.

Where to Buy The Anchor Brick in Rongsheng Factory

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