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Alkali Resistant Bricks

The raw materials of alkali resistant bricks are flint clay, pyrophyllite and silica. The alkali-resistance mechanism of alkali resistant brick is that it can react with alkali metal oxides at high temperature and produces high viscosity liquid phase, therefore, glazed protection layer is formed at the surface of alkali resistant brick, and surface open pores is blocked. Protection layer can keep alkali resistant brick from further penetration and corrosion of molten alkali metals, that’s why it is called alkali corrosion resistant brick.

Alkali resistant bricks properties

Excellent resistance to alkali corrosion.
Long service life.
Low porosity.
High hot strength.
Good thermal shock resistance.
Good abrasion resistance.

Alkali resistant bricks physiochemical indexes

Item RSRK-35 RSRA-40T
Al2O3 % 35~45 38~42
SiO2 % 50~55 52~56
Fe2O3 % ≤2 1.5
Bulk density g/cm3 2.0~2.1 2.2~2.35
Apparent porosity % ≤16 12~15
Cold crushing strength MPa ≥60 ≥50
Refractoriness under load (0.2MPa) ℃ ≥1350 ≥1320
Thermal shock resistance (950℃, air cooling) /times ≥80 >50

Alkali resistant bricks applications

The main application field of alkali resistant bricks is cement kiln. Alkali resistant bricks used in cement kilns are classified into ordinary alkali resistant brick, high strength alkali resistant brick, arch top type alkali resistant brick, insulating alkali resistant brick, etc. High strength alkali proof bricks are mainly used at cement kiln preheater, decomposition furnace, tertiary air duct, vertical ascending flue, cyclone cylindrical part and conic part. Arch top type alkali resistant bricks are mainly used at cement kiln preheater, decomposition furnace tertiary air duct and so on. Alkali resistant insulating bricks are mainly used at cement kiln discharge end, kiln hood, cooler, etc..

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